What program activities do we offer at the church?


  • Sunday School: A program for children ages ___ – ___ designed for children to learn the stories of Jesus while the adults are also being blessed in the sanctuary.
  • Sonbeams: Our youth singing choir
  • Timbrels:
  • Young Peoples Brass Band: A group of young people that are continuing to learn how to play brass instruments.
  • Beginners’ Brass Band: A group of children and adults that are interested in learning how to play a brass instrument.


  • Ladies Night In (by zoom) (Once a month)


  • Bible Study (by zoom)


  • Jumpin’ Jellybeans: A free program for Moms and Tots (ages 1 – 4 years) that happens every Wednesday from __date_____ to ___date_____ 9:30 – 11:30am. The program offers music with dancing, Play with bubbles, Parachute play, Bouncing balls, Rhythm instruments, Free play areas, and crafts to do with your child. Perfect for active, energetic toddlers! Call ahead to register – 416-743-3931.
  • Young ‘n Heart: Once a month senior’s (55+ years) lunch and program. Cost is $7.00.


  • Bible Study via Zoom
  • Senior Band:


  • Youth Group


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